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Outdoor Retractable Barricades and Stanchions, Indoor Stanchions, Stanchion Posts and Parking Lot Stanchions. We have them all and using our quick ship process, we can have them delivered anywhere in the Continental USA within days.

Applications for Inline Barricades' Retractabelt Crowd Control Equipment include:
Airports, banks, theaters, hotels, retail/department stores, conference centers, casinos, restaurants, bars, warehouses, office building lobbies, zoos, supermarkets, amusement parks, bus and train stations, outdoor concession areas, outdoor spectator events, construction zones, car rental lots, stadiums, schools and school yards, churches, car shows, museums, mall displays, distributors, municipalities, Home Owner Associations, state and government agencies; i.e. DMV, & post offices

Retracta Belt
Single Line Crowd Control Posts

Model 300 - 7' 6" Belt

The industry standard Crowd Control Post.  Our most popular stanchion.

Retracta Belt
15' Single Line Crowd Control Posts

Model 320 - 15' Belt

The most cost efficient model when you need to cover large distances. The longest belt on the market!

Retracta Belt
Dual Line Crowd Control Posts

Model 300D - 7' 6" Belt

For when you want the features of the single line, but with the added protection of two belts.

Retracta Belt
Crowd Control Display Posts

Model 300DP - 7' 6" Belt
Model 320DP - 15" Belt

For when you want to display your valuables without obstructing the view.  Now available, Model 320DP featuring a 15' belt.

Retracta Belt
Outdoor Utility Retracta-belt

Model 300U - 7' 6" Belt

Implement safety and crowd control with our high visibility Crowd Control Posts for outdoor use.

Retracta Belt
ADA Compliant Crowd Control Posts

Model 300ADA - 7' 6" Belt

Lower belt height is compliant with ADA requirements.

Retracta Belt
Fixed or Removable Post

Model 300F - 7' 6" Belt
Model 320F/320R - 15" Belt

Commonly used when permanent or semi-permanent crowd control is required.  Now available, Model 320F/320R featuring a 15' belt.

Retracta Belt
6' Tall Retracta-belt

Model 360 - 7' 6" Belt

Increase visibility of your important messages from further distances.

Mountable Head System
700/ 412/ 5000 Series

New competitively priced 7' 6", 15', 20', and 25' automatic retracting wall units as well as our 50' manual unit.



Accommodates Ropes or Chains.

Durable Parking Lot Stanchions that will not blow over in high wind.

Crowd Control Stanchions are a cost efficient method of designating boundaries. We manufacture them right here in the U.S. Powder coated Stanchions, Steel Stanchions or Zinc Coated Stanchions can be fabricated to your specifications also.

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